Since 2011, Jeff Taylor, Kevin and Nancy Henry have entered a float "Christmas in July" in the Ajax Santa Claus Parade, under the community based name North Ajax Community Group. The float was original constructed to accommodate young Kelly Henry in 2011 when she broke her ankle. This float has gained wide popularity with the Ajax Parade Spectators and the North Ajax Community. The children, "elves", love participating in the float actives every year. Nancy herself, was a long time participant in the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, while growing up. Her parents family friend..."Aunt Mary Dobson" was the head seamstress of all costumes made for the parade. This was a wonderful childhood experience for Nancy. Nancy is grateful that she's able to share this experience with her young daughter and other children within her community. 

Jeff Taylor received an award from, MPP Joe Dickson, for all his unselfish hard work within the community!

​Go Jeff Go!