It has come to my attention through an email, that Council will be hearing the results of the complaint lodge against Councillor Ashby, (as he still was a sitting Councillor when the complaint was lodge). The complaint findings will be present tomorrow April 9 @ GGC, location Ajax Town Hall.

(Attached to this email is a copy of the Integrity Commissioner's Final Report in respect to your complaint, which was published last Thursday with the General Government Committee (GGC) agenda for April 9th. Please note that your additional submissions from March 26th were provided in full to Mr. Elston upon receipt by the Town, and our understanding is that they were duly considered in the preparation of this report.
Mr. Elston will present his report to GGC on April 9th; the meeting begins at 2:00 p.m. This meeting is open to the public and you are most welcome to attend as an observer; however, please note that the format of GGC meetings does not provide for delegations or submissions from the public, nor does the Town's Code of Conduct permit the complainant to address the Committee when the Final Report is presented).

After the Report has been presented at the GGC meeting April 9th, I have permission from the complainant to publicize the Report, as he feels that Government should be.. open, transparent and accountable to those that elect them.