In 2012, Nancy Henry and Jeff Taylor, along with other Neighbourhood Watch Community members were fortune to be part of the newly made Neighbourhood Watch video. Both Nancy and Jeff's former homes are in the video....can you see them? Is there a familiar redhead in the video pretending to call the police?, (video 1).This was a great, fun way to help our community and update the Neighbourhood Watch video. We are honoured we were allowed to participate in this video as Neighbourhood Watch members.Neighbour Watch is a great community-based program, run by DRPS. This program engages the community, while creating strong community ties. In today's busy, fast-paced lifestyle, neighbourhoods are lacking that sense of community that existed so many years ago! Neighbourhood watch helps to bring that back. By working together, you and your neighbours create a strong bond and sense of community, well creating a safe environment for your family to live. This is a great community experience! Get involved and create a Neighbourhood Watch in your community today!For further information.....Please call Morgen Dobson, Regional Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator at 905-579-1520 ext. 5610.

​You do not need a Councillor to endorse or start a Neighbourhood Watch Program. No! You just need to contact .....Morgen Dobson, d.r.p.s. She'll get you started!