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As always, I am honoured to be part of the Durham Caribbean Festival in anyway I can, be it partnering people, giving away free books, picking up signs, bringing water to the Terry, Vince and the guys, or my special honour of being up on stage this year and announcing I’m running for Regional Ward 2 Candidate for Ajax!


After meeting Mary Galvan years ago and see her vision, what she was trying to accomplish and knowing/believing in her, I knew she needed a new location to grow and achieve her goals for this important festival. In 2015 when Justin Picov asked all community leaders to come to town hall and speak on behalf of the casino, a light went off in my head!! Ajax Downs & Durham Caribbean Festival! What a perfect combination! An amazing community partner paired with an amazing community event. After mentioning the idea to Justin, which by the way took all of 2 minutes for him to say yes, I’m interested. A beautiful partnership was born! Since then, Durham Residents have enjoyed ample parking, a great facility with plenty of room to grow, in a central location with easy access to amenities. I’m glad I could be of help to Mary and her team, to my community, as a whole. That’s what leadership looks like. Working for the good of the community without being asked too.

 I’m proud of the work Mary Galvan, Patrice Barnes and the Durham Caribbean Festival team has done to bring our community this amazing event! I sat back with friends at the end of the day on June 16 and listened to them say how this was their first year attending this event and how much they enjoyed it.

To quote my friend Craig, while at the event… “This is what  Caribana use to be like…. peace, love and the Caribbean spirit all coming together for a great time.”

Thank you Mary Galvan and team, for all your hard work and thank you for allowing me to help in any way I could to be part of your amazing event!

Let's do this together!