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In 2012 Nancy Henry & Jeff Taylor along with other Neighbourhood Watch Community members, were fortune to be part of the newly made Neighbourhood Watch video.

Both Nancy & Jeff's former homes are in the video. Can you see them? Is there a familiar redhead in the video pretending to call the police? There is! Look towards the end at 12 minutes and 13 seconds. (video 1)


This was a great, fun way to help our community and update the Neighbourhood Watch video. We are honoured we were allowed to participate in this video as Neighbourhood Watch members. Neighbourhood Watch is a great community-based program, run by D.R.P.S. This program engages the community, while creating strong community ties. In today's busy, fast-paced lifestyle, neighbourhoods are lacking that sense of community that existed so many years ago! Neighbourhood Watch, helps to bring that back. By working together, you and your neighbours create a strong bond and sense of community, well creating a safe environment for your family to live. This is a great community experience! Get involved and create a Neighbourhood Watch in your community today! For further information please call Morgen Dobson, Regional Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator at 905-579-1520 ext. 5610.


​You do not need a Councillor to endorse or start a Neighbourhood Watch Program.

You just need to contact Morgen Dobson through D.R.P.S. and Morgen will get you started

Let's do this together!