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(Written in 2020)


Mayors 20 minute Makeover! #earthday

Hello everyone. I would like you to thank those of you that have participated in the "North Ajax Community Clean Up" every year, for the Mayors 20 Minute Makeover! Unfortunately, with the current covid19 pandemic, (after consulting with medical professionals), we don't feel it is safe for the community to be picking up garage this year. Even if we were to stay 6 feet away from each other, we are still chancing contamination from used disposable coffee cups and other items that might have touched other peoples lips.

We think of it this way, if Tim Horton's cancelled it's "roll up the rim to win" contest, as it was not safe for employees. Then picking up garbage that has touched peoples lips is not safe for the children and adults involved in our community group. We hope you agree and understand our caution and concerns in wanting to keep you all safe.

See you all next year for this great event! ❤️

Let's do this together!