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Parent Council Co-Chair


As a former Daycare Teacher, I have really enjoyed the time I have spent on Parent Council as a member and Chair.  I was able to learn a lot about my daughters school community, and the community as a whole. One thing I knew but was re-enforced by this experience is that children are always watching, they learn by example. It's not always what you say, but what you do that they pick up on.

Mind, Body and Spirit Event

was a huge success!

Nancy Co-Chaired this very successful event. It took months of planning, but was well worth it! Many parents came out to the event to partake in the many activities, including Zumba with a former teacher and a new internet sensation from D.R.P.S. Officer Jarrod Singh! The D.R.P.S. also brought their amazing anti-bullying vehicle and our school presold anti-bullying t-shirts. When Adults are wearing anti-bully t-shirts, it really makes a statement to the children about where they stand on bullying. This was a great program that I highly recommend be copied in every school. Pizza Wednesdays and Pink anti-bullying t-shirts all year long! The message is clear, bullying won't be tolerated!

One of the great things about being on Parent Council is being able to create displays that help to educate the students and make them feel good about upcoming holidays, events or important specialty days. Below are some of the displays I've been able to create over the years.

Let's do this together!