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(2018). Pickering Ribfest is an amazing event that takes place once a year. It is put on by your local Rotary Clubs and the money made from the event goes back into your local community. Hundreds of volunteers come out and spend hours helping to make sure garbage is picked up, tables are clean, change is collected at the gates and more. This event is more than just tasty ribs, its about community and giving back!


This year I was able to be at the event as more then a customer. I had the pleasure of being there with Durham Caribbean Festival and Enchanted Castle, donating my time to promote the event. I was the lady taking pictures for all the family's that stopped by. I had a great time taking pictures and being with my former teenage volunteers, who I've helped secure paying part-time jobs for. I'm so proud of their hard work and dedication. As an added bonus I was fortunate to have a lot of friends stop by and say hi!

Let's do this together!