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Ajax residents are deeply concerned about their safety and that of their families.  This is especially true of racialized communities, but increased gun violence is a concern to us all.  

If you vote for me I will:

  • Ask that ALL of Ajax Council meet with the head of Durham Region Police Services to discuss a proactive approach problem-solving policing, that focuses on deterrence.  We are all aware that those at risk of committing violent crimes can be helped with early school, community, and family-based intervention, and that police, working together with community organizations can be more effective at crime prevention. 

  • To that end, in my discussions with our MPP I will also discuss the possibility of the province funding a special violence deterrence team as a pilot project to work with youth at risk in Ajax, housed in a youth serving agency that is empowered to intervene with both at risk youth and their families.  Possible services could include anger management, exploration of youth employment and mentoring opportunities, and parenting assistance.

(Please note.... D.R.P.S. does not support any candidate). 


Ajax residents are very concerned about long wait times at local hospital emergency wards, and the lack of accessibility to health care.  


If you vote for me I will:

  • Immediately arrange a meeting with our newly elected MPP to discuss the provincial government funding a Community Health Centre in Ajax that employs nurse practitioners, doctors, psychotherapists, and rehabilitation specialists so that people without family doctors have access to physical and mental health care. 

  • A Community Health Centre could also provide health services to often under-served populations – homeless people, people with addictions and mental health challenges, family violence, and immigrant health concerns.

  • As part of this discussion I will recommend that 5 mental health crisis beds be located in the Community Health Centre, staffed 24/7, and that in-patients have access to psychotherapeutic assistance that includes trauma-informed care, group therapy, and ongoing crisis response.

  • Because of high levels of domestic violence in Durham, special family crisis workers should also be housed in a Community Health Centre of this nature and work closely with police services.

Doctor's Appointment

Property Taxes

The last 2 years of shut down's during Covid have been difficult financially on all families in Ajax. Ajax taxpayers pay among the highest taxes in the province. But are they getting good value for their money and good customer service from the Town?


If  you vote for me I will: 

  • Order a value for money audit to determine where efficiencies can be found, and how services can be improved.

  • Responsible spending

  • I will support keeping taxes low

  • Our tax dollars must be spent correctly! You need a frugal representative on council that will treat your tax dollars as if they were their own family's limited budget!

  • (You don’t go on vacation, if you can not pay the bills or feed your family). These same principals must be applied to your tax dollars and the way they are spent!


  • Create more jobs by developing our Employment Lands

  • Employment Lands Effect Our Property Taxes

  • Ward 2 has the most amount of unused/undeveloped employment lands in all of Ajax! 

  • We need to attract new companies to Ajax, particularly Ward 2.

  • Companies need to feel welcome here and know that we are receiving of them. After all their tax dollars will help to offset our property taxes.

Lawyer reading


Some recent events have demonstrated the importance of publicly elected officials and anyone employed by the Town displaying the highest levels of integrity.  Concerns have been raised about the Town’s approach to this issue.


If you vote for me I will:

  • Discuss with Council the strengthening of the Town’s conflict of interest, due diligence, and integrity policies, as well as review whether or not the Town should continue its current arrangement with the Integrity Commissioner or possible share one Integrity Commissioner for the Region

  • Ajacians deserve to live in a Town where they can have confidence in the structure of governance, where they feel respected as taxpayers, and where services and supports are available that address their needs.

  • If you vote for me, I will address all of these issues and more, and offer leadership characterized by integrity, honesty, and respect.

Ajax Downs

Community and Ajax Downs​

  • You’ll see all the way through my community events page, that community is very important to me!

  • Ajax Downs is very important to the community, as more then a revenue source. They’re a great community partner! Through the years Ajax Downs has hosted many wonderful Community Events.

  • I will continue to strongly advocate for them at every level of government.

Durham Caribbean Multi..6.jpeg
Ajax beach.jpeg
  • Water is life and must be treated as such.

  • The algae issue must be dealt with. Tertiary Treatment of DUFFINS CREEK WATER CONTROL PLANT to Eliminate Algae Problem on the Ajax Waterfront is needed.

  • We need to fight for a clean waterfront for the next generation! 

  • It is also important that our waterfront remain public and available for ALL AJAX residents to use.

Protect & Preserve
Our Waterfront

  • More affordable housing is needed throughout Durham Region!

  • Wait list are long, and available housing is limited.

  • When it comes to affordable housing and new solutions we need to think outside the box.

  • Please keep this in mind when voting for a Regional Chair! A Regional Chair is like the Mayor of all cities/towns within Durham Region. His/Her leadership is important when it comes to the vision your Mayor and Council have for your city/town. If the vision is the same, you have a better chance of moving forward with it.

Affordable Housing 

 Ward2 Meetings

  • Since the first time I ran in the Ajax municipal election in 2010, I stated on my literature that I would do quarterly public meetings with Ward 2 residents.(Glad the Town has adopted this policy).

  • All meetings will be widely publicized on social media, town billboards and through my website for optimal residential attendance. It’s important that you have different options to communicate with your Councillor.

  • All quarterly meetings will have a representative from the D.R.P.S. Crime Prevention Unit in attendance to assist with residential safety issues/concerns and provide information to help you to keep your family safe. Your safety is very important to me!

  • Ward 2 Residential Quarterly Meetings will be presented in a different forum then in the past. Much more interactive. The objective is to achieve optimal interaction with Councillors, D.R.P.S. Crime Prevention Unit, Neighbourhood Watch Representatives, and School Board Trustees.

  • Meetings will be presented in a Convention Style Setting, with tables set up around the room for residents to visit with the representative at each table.

  • A follow up email will be sent out to all who wish to receive updates.

Let's do this together!