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In 2006/2008 Nancy chaired the community efforts to close the pedestrian walkway on Twigg Drive.  This became necessary due to the large groups of students gathering in the walkway, filtering onto Twigg Drive, blocking residents from their gaining access to their homes, street fights with 50 or more students at a time and other safety/security issues that arose as a result.

A large group of residents, 300, Chaired by Nancy worked with Joe Dickson, Scott Crawford, DDSB and DRPS. It was determined that for the safety of the residents the walkway closure would be best. This decision was not made lightly, it was a year of work where different alternate approaches were tried. After community meetings and a petition signed by 300 residents, the outcome was very positive and the area residents were able to return to a sense of personal security and safety for their properties and person.   This initiative was well coordinated with the participation of then Ward 2 Councillor Joe Dickson and Regional Councillor Scott Crawford.

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