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Bringing the Community Together.... in the 2010 election, I documented in my handouts, I would do quarterly Ward 2 meetings with residents. Years later, I still think it is an important way to communicate with residents. All available resources should be used to communicate dates of quarterly meetings to optimize residential attendance. I will do this with social media, town billboards and through my website.  All quarterly meetings will have the D.R.P.S. Crime Prevention Unit in attendance to assist with residential safety issues.



(Written in 2010 election on Nancy's website)


As the Ward Councillor, I would plan quarterly community meetings to meet and discuss issues affecting the ward with the residents . As a representative of the Ward, I would like to discuss with you at these meetings anything that I can do at Council level to help get ours needs met.  (That's my job....what you're hiring me to do.....represent you). 

Let's do this together!