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Born in Toronto, Nancy and her family have been proud and active

residents of Ajax since 2006.

Nancy’s community advocacy in Ajax dates back to her concern for the

safety of her neighbours, stemming from the Twigg Drive pedestrian

walkway, which had become a hot spot for high school student skirmishes.

Marshalling the community, Nancy chaired a group that worked with the local and regional Ward 2 Councillors to address this concern.  It took two years of diligent follow-up to get the walkway closed.  This successful initiative made it clear to Nancy that community advocacy was something that she felt strongly about, and something that her community looked to her for.

Realizing that safety was the primary concern, Nancy suggested a

Neighbourhood Watch Program for her community with the Durham

Regional Police. Soon after, Fishlock Park North Neighbourhood Watch, with over 300 homes was born.  


Nancy’s next community project, was to be the voice of residents who

were against a 15-storey condo being built at Rossland and Harwood. 

Over the past 16 years Nancy has been advocating for residential causes not only within Ajax but has also been a committed volunteer on many boards and NGOs. Nancy has been a co-chair of the parent council at her child’s school and then at the board level with the Durham Catholic Parent Involvement Committee. 

In 2017 Nancy was the proud and humble recipient of the Catholic Volunteer Award.


Since 2011, it has also been an absolute pleasure for Nancy to put together a float under the group name, The North Ajax Community Group, in the Ajax Santa Claus Parade.

Nancy brings several ‘firsts’ with her to the Town of Ajax: She is proud to be the first female Councillor of Ward 2. Count on a perspective from a different lens, as Nancy is also the first Councillor with multiple disabilities.

In the business world, Nancy was the first female Executive member of CAPPEM (Canadian Association of PPE Manufacturers), founded during COVID 19.

As a business owner of a Medical Supplies company, Nancy understands the pressures and needs of small businesses and their owners. She has lived experiences with the hard work, sacrifice and long hours of small business owners, and appreciates what these businesses mean to the owners and the community.

When she has some personal time, Nancy enjoys movies, reading, ComiCon, FanExpo, swimming, and time with her family.

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