Dear Residents, I'd like to thank all of you that voted for me! It's unfortunate that I was not successful with a victory, but I don't regret running and I'm certainly glad I had the opportunity to meet all of you! Ajax Ward 2, you are amazing!!! 

We have four years before we do it all again. I'll be seeing you within the next 4 years. We're going to make a change, elected or not, I'm not going anywhere. Again, thanks to each and everyone of you! Now let's keep an eye on Councilor Ashby and hold him to his promises and keep him accountable to the residents. And please know, should anything arise that causes a by-election, I'll be ready!

Thanks Ajax Ward 2. You're the best!!!


Hello and thanks for visiting my website.

​My family and I have lived in Ward 2 since we moved to Ajax in 2006.  My political history goes back a few years ago when the pedestrian walkway on my street Twigg Drive at the time was a gathering point for large groups of high school kids and this led to major security concerns for our community.  I decided to take action to have the walkway closed. With the help of the community, I chaired a committee that worked with Ward 2 Councilor Joe Dickson and Regional Councilor Scott Crawford to achieve this goal.  This was a successful journey as after two years of working diligently on this, the walkway was closed.  It was a great feeling of success and I felt like I had found my niche; working to make my community a safer and better place to live.

After the walkway closure, it then occurred to me that we needed a Neighbourhood Watch Program in our community.  I decided to pursue this idea with the Durham Regional Police.  Soon after, Fishlock Park North Neighbourhood Watch was born.  I was named Chair Person of this Watch and love how successful this Watch had become.  My next community project, "Stop the 15-storey" apartment condominium from being constructed at the corner of Harwood and Rossland as this building was not being well received by residents in the area.

​After spending the past 8 years fighting for residential causes within my community, I decided that I can do more good for my community/ward at council level.  In 2010 I entered the election for the first time, I gained 39% of the votes, 540 votes less than the returning incumbent.  Having gone door-to-door during my campaign, I discovered many issues that residents were concerned about and I logged them  all on my web-site.   I realized after the election I needed to embrace the issues that I noted during my campaign and that there was no reason to not proceed to be the voice of those who put their confidence in me at the polls. Since the 2010 election, I've worked behind the scenes in our community on such things as, parking issues, youth crime, helping those in need, fundraising, requesting traffic reports be done to see the need for new traffic lights/stop signs and more.   I am now taking another run at the 2014 election.

I want a chance to try and see if I can accomplish more change in our community.  My goal is to be a voice at Town Council Meetings and to represent the interest of the issues logged on this web-site.  I want to help those who put their trust and faith in me to get their needs met at Ajax Town Council.

​Regards ... Nancy