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“We have a large senior community in Ajax,” said Ward 2 local councillor Nancy Henry at the May 8 general government committee meeting. “We’ve set something up here for 20 years. To try to take that away now, there’s going to be some uproar on that. That is not going to go over easily.”

Henry successfully introduced a motion that staff consult the appropriate committees and current users, before coming forward with a plan. She also asked that staff consult other municipalities about how they keep their costs down.

“I think municipalities standing together strong, passing this will get the funding needed to help all these places to have the staff, and what they need to help women get back into society, strong and able to be on their own and hopefully break free from their abuser,” Henry says.

Councillor Nancy Henry & Regional Councillor Sterling Lee successfully passed a motion at Ajax Council to have a new Ward 2 Park named after former Councillor/MPP, Joe Dickson.

“Literally every Ward 2 resident I spoke to at the doors had expressed safety as being their main concern. They were most alarmed by an apparent increase in crime in Ajax, carjackings, speeding, drug houses. Other concerns were dark, unlit town parking lots and traffic safety,” she said.

Other issues she pointed to include parking, helping small businesses and the growing population of people who are unsheltered, or homeless.

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